Puritan Pouch

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We teamed up with design studio HULFE* here in Berlin to create the perfect pouch to store your favorite pleasure objects, lubes and anything else you'd like to keep safe and clean.

The Puritan Pouch is cute and playful and you can even wear it around your belt or hang it from places! Take it with you wherever you go ;)

It is made from Tyvek, which is such a great material: durable, antibacterial, antistatic and breathable, it offers the best conditions for storing our products while being washable at 30°C and recyclable. It also feels super soft 🪶

  • Size: 19 x 7.5 cm (very flexible shape)
  • Color: White with sterling silver satin band
  • Material: Tyvek, satin band (100% polyester), charms made from silver plated zinc
  • Care: Machine wash cold (max. 30°C), then pull back into shape
  • Xia One Dildo not included

*HULFE is a design-studio that focuses on accessories that deal with support and the extension as well as multiplication of bodies. Founded by the artists Daphne Ahlers and Lilli Thiessen HULFE places itself somewhere between sculpture, fashion and design to help create a cuter and more liveable future.