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For this special, we teamed up with Berlin jewellery artist Luise Zücker! With your order of the Xia One in Turquoise you will receive a free LACUNA ear dangle mini by Luise Zücker in Silver as a goodie ✨ The offer is limited to 10 pieces, so be quick!

LACUNA ear dangle:

The iconic LACUNA ear dangle is a spirited statement embracing femininity. Feel free to mix it with other earrings or wear it on its own.

  • Sterling silver
  • Loops from anallergic surgical steel
  • Dimensions 25mm x 11mm
  • Made in Italy

 Xia One:

The Xia One is a double-ended dildo, thoughtfully crafted to pleasantly lay in your hand, no matter how you use it.

A unique feature is its dual texture, smooth on one side and more pronounced on the other. Not only does this improve grip, but it also gives you more intense stimulation, internally as well as externally. Thanks to its special shape, the Xia One can also be used as a double dildo.

The Xia One Dildo is manufactured to the highest standards, paying attention to all aspects of production. Designed in Berlin and entirely manufactured in Spain with 100% body-safe silicone.

  • Size: 19cm
  • Weight: 183g
  • Finish: Dual texture
  • Material: 100% body-safe silicone. Non-porous, biocompatible and suitable for contact with the mucous membrane.
  • Non-vibrating
  • Care: Clean with warm water and mild soap or sanitize by placing it in boiling water for 5 minutes.
  • Durability: Properly cared for, it will bring you pleasure a lifetime.
  • Please note: Some of the Xia Ones have slight color swirls in them. They are production related and make the object even more beautiful and unique. If you catch one of those, consider yourself lucky ;)

The Xia One comes in a food-grade, eco-friendly pouch inside a discreet and fully compostable shipping box. As a little gift, we add a sample each of Sliquid Naturals Sassy and Sutil Rich Body Glide by Hathor, the best possible lubes we could find to care for both your body and our product.

2€ of each purchase are donated to feminist and queer organizations.

Free climate neutral shipping on all orders over €100 within the EU.

Here you can find the Xia One user's manual.